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Phuket is one among the best places to meet young Thai girls for fun and pleasure, and in fact that doesn’t only mean playing “Connect Four” and drinking Singhas with them within the bars, but to eventually also take them back to your hotel for sex.

But the nice thing about Phuket is that you simply have many various options to enjoy yourself with the women – the most famous ones that probably come to your mind first are the beer bars and go go bars, freelancers on the streets, freelancers within the clubs, escort ladies site.

So if it’s your first time in Phuket, which will all be a touch bit confusing. Especially if you're not familiar with the common prices you're expected to pay within the different establishments.

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When you see an escort, do they ask for the money before you have sex or after?

It varies depending on the escort and your relationship with them. Typically, if she doesn’t know you well or you aren’t otherwise vetted, she will expect to be paid first, and you might be expected to leave the payment on the table. You might then take a shower so she can discreetly count the money and ensure that you’ve paid her the correct amount and the festivities begin. If it is a high-end escort, especially one who’s seen you before and feels comfortable with you, she may trust that you’ll pay her at the end before leaving. Most wealthy men understand the importance of maintaining good long-term relationships (in any sphere) and don’t have any motivation to cheat someone out of a few hundred dollars - even if he doesn’t want to see her again.

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Girly Bars, a go go bars Phuket

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If you have just arrived in Patong, checked into your hotel, taken a shower and short rest from your travels, then you will ask yourself: What am I going to do first? Chances are that you don’t want to go sightseeing until your first full day on the island, so then what to do? Two of the most popular daytime activities for single men in Phuket are going to the beach or to the beer bars (or girly bars, whatever you call them).

Sure, it’s also quite tempting to try a happy ending massage first thing after you have arrived here, but then after one hour you will be in the same situation. The girly bars are the most popular place to relax for a few hours, drink cool beer during the hot afternoon hours (or any time of the day really), watch the street life from your seat, maybe watch some TV, maybe play some pool, and probably enjoy yourself with young and sexy Thai girls.

In this guide I will give you the complete overview to the best places with girly bars in Patong, how it works, how much everything costs, and a comparison of bar girls to go go girls and other cities in Thailand. If you already know how it works, then you can just skip the next section. I will just try to make this guide complete so if it’s your first time in Thailand you know what to expect when visiting these bars.

How it works

If you have never been to a girly bar in Thailand before, it might feel a bit strange when you walk down the street and suddenly three half naked girls try to get your attention and lure you inside their bar. Don’t worry, you can just sit down, order a beer and don’t commit to anything. That’s what a lot of newbies falsely assume – they think that they have to buy the girls drinks. But you don’t, you can just sit there, drink your beer and watch the scene.

You will probably be greeted by one of the ladies soon after you made your order, and she will start some small talk with you. “What your name? Where you from? You come holiday in Thailand? You first time? Where you been here?”, are the standard questions that she tries to break the ice with. If you like the girl then you can buy her a lady drink (I will talk about all prices later in this guide), but if not (or you don’t want to make a decision just yet) then of course you don’t need to buy one. Just smile and tell her politely that you want to “just looking first”.

Popular activities in the girly bars other than talking to the girls are playing pool and watching live sport on the TV. Especially playing pool is a great way to meet other travelers and expats, you just need to write down your name on the white board. The winner stays and plays for free, and the loser pays 20 Baht for the game. And yes, if you like a girl and would like to take her back to your hotel for sex, then that’s possible of course. You will need to pay her bar fine (and also a lady drink or two before) and arrange a price for short time or long time with her. Once again, check below for the information on the going prices.

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Night Clubs

I personally don’t really like clubbing – but if you do, then the night clubs in Patong are great places to find Thai girls for sex.

Just be aware that most of the ladies in these clubs are freelancers (or working girls, or hookers, call them whatever you like), so you will probably have to buy them a few drinks first, party with them a little, and then certainly pay 1,000-2,000 Baht so that they will “go with you”.

The currently 3 best night clubs in Patong are

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Street Hookers

The next type of sex workers in Phuket are the street hookers. Again, Patong is the best place to go not just in terms of quantity, but also in terms of quality.

Many of these girls are quite hot and could easily work in the beer bars – but they don’t want to share their income with the owner of the bar.

The hot spots with plenty of street hookers in Patong are Bangla Road (photo) as well as the Beach Promenade (the closer you get to Bangla Road, the more women you will find). Their price is usually 1,000 Baht, which is negotiable of course (they often start off with 2,000 Baht, but well, I let you decide if she’s really that hot, for that money I would rather pay 2 hookers from the dating site).